So, how did I become a coach?

Short answer: it was an accident

After I was offered the opportunity of a lifetime to lead an advocacy committee at my previous job, I found a love for advocacy, particularly on the behalf of the LGBTQ+ Community. My intention in paying thousands of dollars going back to school was to get a leg up in eventually becoming a Diversity & Inclusion consultant.

As committee chair, the pandemic paved the way for more presentations to smaller groups of people, which meant more practice and more discussions that began to look like counseling. People had a lot of sincere questions about LGBTQ+ culture, but never had the courage to ask out of fear of judgment. As messed up as that is, it wasn’t unreasonable.

It was my wake up call. I didn’t want to be a part of the crowds crucifying a person’s show of ignorance without ever taking the time to compassionately show them the error of their ways.

After trying to find out the name of the job I wanted to do, I (mistakenly) landed on ‘coach’. Somehow I did weeks and weeks of research and still signed up for the wrong certification program.

God set me up…

It didn’t take long to realize that coaching wasn’t what I thought it was; it was even better. My whole life: my job-hopping, my failures, my successes, my obsessions, they all strategically lead me here.

Fast forward a little and here I am: still learning (in my certification program), but leaning into the ridiculously amazing opportunity to help people, not by telling them what to do, but by helping them find the answers for themselves.

Through coaching, my mission is to help ministries figure out how to play their part in bridging the gap. I’m able to present research and foundational cultural competency on LGBTQ+ culture, but I also share my experience because numbers and terminology only state the facts; they don’t tell the story.

I do this so that I can feel confident (excited, even!) inviting my lesbian, bi, gay, trans, queer, femme, masculine-presenting friends to church without worrying about their physical or mental safety and so that the Church feels competent and enthusiastic about bringing more people into the family of Christ.

But that’s just about invitation. Let’s zero-in on the relational aspect.

I also want to play my part in facilitating healthy conversations with Christian individuals or families who’ve found themselves blindsided by the reality of same-sex attraction in their own lives or that of a loved one.

I have yet to find the fountain of resources that helps us navigate how to reconcile God’s truth and love when it comes to homosexuality. Over time, I hope to be a part of the community that develops those resources. In the meantime, I want to give my full self, expertise and experience, over to helping people find the peace with God and with each other right where they are.

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I am a Life & Ministry Coach who works with established Christian ministries who are seeking to improve relationship with the LGBTQ community. I specialize in gathering and presenting quantitative research as well as providing my own experience to help ministry leaders understand the current landscape and social trends. Now, through sharing my experience and coaching others, I’m coming home to help ministries and individuals navigate the minefield of #cancelculture and the ever-changing landscapes to reach those who feel like they're fighting alone.

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