Starting this blog and ministry alone has been nothing short of terrifying. Depending on the day minute, I’m either overjoyed at the ‘teammates’ I’ll meet on both sides of the issue or I’m paralyzed in fear that I’ll be alienated by both.

The truth is, I do have a strong fear of being misunderstood. I fear that people will misinterpret the message as being legalistic or even homophobic. I fear that the people I want to help will shut me out. I have fear…


I have something else too. I have a message that’s so important that it’s worth being misunderstood. So much of what we do today is fueled by fear, especially fear of being seen as unworthy or not seen at all. We ‘need’ this many followers, this technology, this many partners, this enlightenment, blah blah blah.

But this isn’t a rant on the troubles of today. It’s an enthusiastic recommendation for a satisfaction that doesn’t fade with the rush of dopamine, serotonin, or oxytocin.

The two biggest complaints I get from non-Christians when I talk about my faith are the people and the rules.

I can’t disagree with the fact that, as a whole, we as Christian have plenty of areas to improve in as ambassadors for our Faith. I’m doing my part in helping the my people (the Church) live out the Gospel and not traditions and I have to do that by facing the shortcomings in myself as well as partnering with (not criticizing) the same in others.

As for the rules…

Everything has rules or a cost. EVERYTHING. The difference is that in most every other scenario, marketers know that you sell the value, not the cost. And yeeeees, I know we don’t ‘sell’ our faith, but our lives are walking billboards of life with God and well…

Watching the lives of a celebrity makes it really hard to ignore the cost of being one, yet people are still giving themselves away for a chance at 15 minutes of fame. All smartphones stay hella expensive, but I bet most of you still have one. Have you seen the prices of houses today? Yet, they’re still getting snatched up. Why? Because we decided that getting {insert whatever here} is worth the cost or the rules.

It’s the same with Christianity. Yep, every Christian (especially me, honey) will disappoint you if you expect us to be an exact replica of Jesus Christ, but maybe if we told you the whole story, the whole truth, you’d see how that’s one of the biggest ‘selling points’ of being a Christian. Perfection (pre or post meeting Christ) is not a requirement or even an expectation.

I don’t and won’t claim to know the answers to really hard questions (and there are several). I don’t and won’t claim that I accept every word of the Bible without any doubts or hesitation. All I want to do is make sure you know the whole story so that you can make an informed decision.

And well, some things are worth getting #cancelled over…

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I am a Life & Ministry Coach who works with established Christian ministries who are seeking to improve relationship with the LGBTQ community. I specialize in gathering and presenting quantitative research as well as providing my own experience to help ministry leaders understand the current landscape and social trends. Now, through sharing my experience and coaching others, I’m coming home to help ministries and individuals navigate the minefield of #cancelculture and the ever-changing landscapes to reach those who feel like they're fighting alone.

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