I need you…

As Christians we neeeeed each other. As humans we neeeeeed each other.

Sometimes I fear that our increasingly intense focus on ourselves will be the end of us. The world truly does not work when we’re all looking out for number 1 and number 1 is me.

Yes, each of us is whole as we are, but also insufficient. Much of what we seek our whole lives, lives in someone else, but we have to be connected to the Source so we don’t run dry. I’m a finite human being with a few talents that I’m trying to capitalize on. Trying to fill the gaps in my shortcomings is a waste of time because it’s you that fills them.

Hebrews 10:24-25 specifically tells us not only to encourage one another but also to meet together. We all gravitate towards people we mesh well with, but it’s in intimacy with those we don’t, that we learn the most. (I can specifically see my biggest growth in my interaction with people I didn’t like… jus sayin’.)

In relation to this ministry, I saw the damage and insufficiency that came with trying to care for myself by myself. It’s a miracle I made it. Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 is real, I couldn’t pick myself up. I couldn’t bring the light back to my eyes. If you would have seen me without the mask, you would have known I was on the brink of my soul rotting inside my own body.

Now, though circumstantially, I’m still alone, I’m confident it won’t be for long. Even Jesus was only alone for a short time and for a specific reason. This ministry isn’t a hobby or a side hustle but a response to a need much bigger than this site. So, those of you out there who feel a stirring, don’t ignore it. I’ve been praying for you, begging God to bring us together to do this together.

To make it simple, let’s say there are 10 of us. If we’re each looking out for ourselves, only 1 person is for us. On the other hand, if the 10 of us divide our focus to support the other 9, even with divided attention, there’s more support and protection for each person.

I need you. Sometimes I want you and sometimes I don’t, but I always need you. God uses people to serve, love, and encourage one another. So I’ll say again, I may or may not be your new best friend, but I’m here. Human like you, complex like you, a mystery to myself sometimes… like you. You need me.

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I am a Life & Ministry Coach who works with established Christian ministries who are seeking to improve relationship with the LGBTQ community. I specialize in gathering and presenting quantitative research as well as providing my own experience to help ministry leaders understand the current landscape and social trends. Now, through sharing my experience and coaching others, I’m coming home to help ministries and individuals navigate the minefield of #cancelculture and the ever-changing landscapes to reach those who feel like they're fighting alone.

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