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I love this clear and concise graphic from Andrew Marin’s 2016 book ‘Us Versus Us’. Who doesn’t love visuals?! I even created a video!

Let’s focus on two explosive pieces of information. I hope they inspire excitement and openness to change.

LGBTQ community’s willingness to return to the Church

A false narrative stops the Church from pursuing the LGBTQ community as it claims to do others. That’s the a typical LGBTQ person hates the Church and this infographic shatters that misconception. As a group, LGBTQ are not rebellious, deviant people. They’re people who we typically first rejected by the Church. This means that if genuine a welcome and inclusive atmosphere is available to them, they’ll return.

Most LGBTQ aren’t looking for a theological shift

Yet another lie commonly believed by the church. Though there are those who are calling for other theological perspectives, they aren’t the majority. Romantic inclination does not mean someone’s appetite for truth has been abandoned.

The broken relationship between both sides are easily repaired, we’ve just be deterred by our past representatives. Let’s do what we know to do and start taking steps toward one another to rebuild.

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I am a Life & Ministry Coach who works with established Christian ministries who are seeking to improve relationship with the LGBTQ community. I specialize in gathering and presenting quantitative research as well as providing my own experience to help ministry leaders understand the current landscape and social trends. Now, through sharing my experience and coaching others, I’m coming home to help ministries and individuals navigate the minefield of #cancelculture and the ever-changing landscapes to reach those who feel like they're fighting alone.

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