Guiding Values

There is freedom in God’s truth, not just His love

  • False teachers are twisting or making excuses for the harder verses of the Bible
  • Preaching about God’s love without talking about His truth disregards His power
  • God calls us to Him right where we are, but that’s just the beginning of the story

The Church’s openness, not LGBTQ+ presenceignites relationship

  • An attitude of “you belong here” is more powerful than “you can come if you want”
  • We naturally run toward where we’re accepted. The World enthusiastically welcomes LGBTQ, while church tolerates it at most

The Church calls you by your name, not your behavior

  • Sexual identity is not chosen, and it’s not the entirety of a person
  • We have to choose to see the needs of people, not how they have them met

The Church is called to serve, not to save 

  • People are not projects, and following God is a process
  • We can fully follow God by keeping an open mind and a discerning heart

God desires a willing heart, not an educated one

  • Everyone starts as a beginner
  • The person who is unwilling to teach is worse than the one who hasn’t learned